About Us

Dog Days is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, and loving environment for all of our clients. We firmly believe that cage-free pack play promotes a healthy and disciplined disposition for all of our dogs. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that your dog will leave happy, tired, and excited for their next visit. Just as every dog is unique, not all dog daycares are created equal.

Meet Our Staff

Mike Wilkinson // Co-Owner & Manager

Hailing from the rough-and-tumble streets of the Raytown, Missouri, I made my way to Arizona in 2007 in search of a new adventure. After working an unfulfilling (and dreadfully boring) job for many years, I was presented with the chance to work at Dog Days. I was hesitant at first, but upon my initial visit to the facility, I fell in love with the idea. Since then, it has been my privilege and honor to take care of both owners and their dogs. I could not imagine a more positive, fun, and healthy environment for everyone involved. I believe that it shows, every day, in the attitude of our staff, customers, and most importantly, the pooches that cannot wait to burst through our doors and start playing.

Gabrielle Young // Co-Owner & Manager

I came to Dog Days in the summer of 2012. Born and raised under the hot sun rays of Phoenix, I spent my childhood pet sitting for my neighbors, family friends, and even co-workers. My love for animals started as soon as I could walk up to my Nana’s chicken coop to feed the baby chicks. From then on it was horses, pigs, cows, and of course, dogs. Never in my wild (animal) dreams could I have imagined working and being part of a place where dogs get to come and play in their own element. From mopping up piddle-puddles, to playing fetch with 10 dogs at once, to feeding them a late-night treat, I couldn’t be more excited to come in and immerse myself in the pack. I am a fun-loving, familiar, and excitable to every dog and parent that comes through our doors. I dream of Dog Days prospering not just here in Tempe, but around the valley as well, so LOOK OUT Phoenix!