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Dog Days provides a loving, fun, healthy, safe, and clean environment for your pet.

Whether they stay for the day or need overnight accommodations, you'll have peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy with us.


When your dog is with us, they are treated like a V.I.P. -
a very important pet.

Your dog will enjoy indoor and outdoor play time, swimming, digging, sunbathing, fetching, and tug matches while socializing with lots of new friends. And that means no cages, no two or three dogs out at a time play, and no assembly line interaction.

Rates and Services


$33/full day
  • $17 Half day (6 hrs)
  • $310 Ten full days
  • $160 Ten half days
  • $600 Twenty full days
  • $300 Twenty half days
  • $160 Week of full days


  • $43/night for 7+ days
  • $40/night for 10+ days
  • 30% OFF For sibling dogs
  • FREE Bath with 10-day stay


$25 Bath & Nails
  • $20 Bath
  • $10 Nail Trim

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    Our Hours:

    Monday - Saturday: 6:30A.M. - 7:00P.M.

    Sunday: 6:30A.M. - 3:00P.M.

    Call us: 480-894-8400

    218 W Vaughn St, Tempe, AZ 85283